Business Development (Aka Sales)

Business Development


7 ways to make your marketing and BD team invaluable (and maybe even become partner in the process)

Oct 20, 2016 views  4,263

Making partner as a marketing specialist is rare. If you want to become a partner and build a marketing empire then read Sarah's 7 tips for ...


Spot the gaping hole in your firm’s strategy and fill it

Sep 28, 2016 views  3,148

Many law firms are playing catch-up when it comes to business development and those that don’t embrace it will be left behind, says Kingsley ...

Leadership (aka making things happen)



Loyalty, laughter, lockstep…and napkin pigeonholes. An interview with Slaughter and May

Oct 06, 2016 views  6,131

Slaughter and May’s recently retired senior partner Chris Saul shares his insights with the BDLN…

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Sir Michael Snyder: how to turn committee chairing into an art form

Aug 12, 2016 views  3,066

Sir Michael Snyder recently stepped down after 37 years at the helm of Kingston Smith. Renowned as one of London’s most influential accountants, he recently ...

Differentiation (aka being less ordinary)


Varley picture-min

The formula for perfect business development

Apr 10, 2017 views  5,953

EY UK boss Steve Varley shares his philosophy on business development and explains what attributes impress him the most...


An equity partner in a traditional law firm? No thank you. 

Oct 03, 2016 views  4,280

In your every day working life, it’s likely that some things frustrate the hell out of you. Maybe it’s the clunky intranet or ...

Innovation (Aka Tearing Up The Rulebook)



Thousands of professional services firms boast that they are ‘innovative’. Unfortunately, many are deluded…

Feb 09, 2017 views  6,492

In this exclusive BDLN article with serial innovator Mike Harris – founder of Egg, First Direct, Garlik and IconicShift – we discover what innovation really ...


Why I think, ‘Small is beautiful, but law firms are ugly’

Aug 04, 2016 views  2,425

The BDLN caught up with legal tech entrepreneur, Clive Rich, about why he thinks law firms are unable to effectively deal with SMEs and why ...

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