Business Development (Aka Sales)

Business Development


7 ways to make your marketing and BD team invaluable (and maybe even become partner in the process)

Oct 20, 2016 views  5,196

Making partner as a marketing specialist is rare. If you want to become ...


Spot the gaping hole in your firm’s strategy and fill it

Sep 28, 2016 views  3,298

Many law firms are playing catch-up when it comes to business development and ...

Leadership (aka making things happen)


“I suddenly realised that I could control my own destiny”

May 20, 2018 views  6,661

How Emma Roberts rose from office junior to CEO of Creaseys, and what ...


Loyalty, laughter, lockstep…and napkin pigeonholes. An interview with Slaughter and May

Oct 06, 2016 views  6,989

Slaughter and May’s recently retired senior partner Chris Saul shares his insights ...

Differentiation (aka being less ordinary)


Varley picture-min

The formula for perfect business development

Oct 25, 2017 views  7,377

EY UK boss Steve Varley shares his philosophy on business development and explains ...


An equity partner in a traditional law firm? No thank you. 

Oct 03, 2016 views  4,591

In your every day working life, it’s likely that some things frustrate ...

Innovation (Aka Tearing Up The Rulebook)



“If you want professionals to be more entrepreneurial, bin timesheets”

Sep 21, 2017 views  6,787

If you work for a law or accountancy firm, take a look around ...


“Profitability is an enabler not an objective”

Jul 16, 2017 views  8,307

Paul Rawlinson, global chairman of Baker McKenzie, talks to the BDLN about the ...

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